Looking forard – goals for 2012

During the last 3 months of 2011, I was learning and enhancing my knowledge of Javascript, CSS, and HTLM(5).  I have also been looking forward, thinking about what I want to accomplish this year.  Up until now, a large percentage of my efforts have been put into gaining awareness.  For me, 2012 is about taking the next step, branching out, and getting significant hands on experience in a bunch of new stuff.  These are my personal-professional goals for 2012:

  • Learn the following databases: MongoDB, Neo4j, Casandra
  • branch into iOS development (iPhone and/or iPad). Create and publish at least 3 apps.
  • build my own Django app and get it running on a home web server.  (I have an idea for this, just needs implementing.  It may be the subject of future posts.)
  • Use HTML5/CSS3 as much as possible.
  • Get better with Python and learn some new python packages: NumPy, SciPy.
  • Go to one tech related conference.
  • Get better at networking.  (I’ve found this somewhat difficult here in Champaign, IL)
  • Increase my monthly blog post rate to at least 3 blog posts per month.

Here we go 2012!


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