Learning iOS dev

One of my goals for the coming year is to learn how to do build applications for iPhone and iPad.  To do this, I faced two hurdles.  First, this was my initial experience with the Model-View-Controler (MVC) design concept, which is completely different from what I’ve experienced in the past and is taking some getting used to.

Second, I was new to Objective-C.  Even though Objective-C is a super-set of C (which I knew previously), when combined with MVC, it still seemed somewhat foreign at first glance.  I came across this website (in addition to the apple developer pages) to help me with the basic syntax of classes and declarations.

Why, hello there!

On the first project after the obligatory “Hello World”, I encountered an issue with the iOS simulator failing to load. I found a forum post suggesting to delete the ./build directory from my project folder, restart XCode and rebuild my project. That did the trick.  Outside of that, learning Objective-C and MVC has been enjoyable.  I can see the potential for MVC to be a very intuitive paradigm, and it’s refreshingly different from the bulk of procedural programming I do in my day job.

The first project I have my sights on is a submission for my local (Champaign-Urbana) transit district’s contest to create a mobile app using their API.  I’ll do a follow up post when I get closer to deployment, but until then I’ll be digesting all the iOS materials I can.

Happy coding!

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