Video: David Eaves Keynote @ Djangocon 2011

I’ve had this video bookmarked for the longest time, particularly because I find it very compelling.

I find his premise very fascinating – that open source communities do a poor job of managing their social capital, which is particularly problematic because that is precisely how you grow a loose knit communities like open source projects.  He places a lot of emphasis not only on social interactions but conflict management as well.

Random thoughts/notes of things that stood out to me as I was watching:

  • {Relationship, Communication} :flows into : [Interests – Options – Legitimacy] :flows into: { Alternatives | Commitment}
  • Ask what people are trying to accomplish to get them to reveal more helpful data
  • Cooperation vs. Collaboration: Architect for Cooperation
  • Empower a market place to let users keep pressure on the developers, design for the lowest common denominator to encourage more inclusion.
  • Reduce barriers to entry.
  • “The scariest thing for an open source community is that you loose people and you don’t know why”
  • Suggestion: have dashboards to monitor things like (wait time) to hold code/module owners accountable and improve throughput.  Manage your expectations.  What data do you have that you can use to drive behaviors?
  • Crowd source community norms: identify & manage bad/disrespectful users
  • APIs – make the data available for people to integrate into their workflows.

From the questions asked:

  • There is always governance to an organization.  In “structureless” environments, it just happens to be hidden.  Make your structures explicit, public, transparent. (Blog post referenced)

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