Brain Dump: Learning Git

Over the past six months, I have completely switched over to using Git (and GitHub) for version control in my personal projects.  The following is a smattering of links and notes that I’ve found helpful in that time.

I found this website and this book to be very easy to navigate ‘how to’ guides.

From the Yelp engineering blog (Video): Understanding Git.  It goes into some useful detail about how Git is implemented and uses that to explain some of Git’s basic commands.  It also goes through all the basic git comands in an accessible manor.  I found it to be a good compliment to the above book and website.

As I started into my first significant project, I found I wanted to include another git project as a resource.  Git Submodule came in handy for that:

sudo git submodule add [location] [full path in parent project]
sudo git commit -m 'add [name] submodule'

I cannot remember what this was for.  I think it was to revert my local changes after I hosed my checkout:

git reset --soft HEAD^

And finally, a parting post about Git commit messages… because I’m a sucker for good documentation.

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