Looking back – 2012 goals summary

While setting goals is important, following up on them to evaluate progress is equally important.  I don’t want to get lost in over analyzing, but I did want to see where I succeeded and where I failed.

Goals completed:

  • Build my own Django app and get it running on a home web server.
    • I have 2.  Even though they are in the early stages, I think this is a success.
  • Use HTML5/CSS3 as much as possible.
    • Used HTML5/CSS3 a little in some learning projects.  However, I’m now realizing how ambiguous this goal was.
  • Go to one tech related conference.
  • Get better at Python.
    • Introduced to projecteuler.net which provided fodder for some easy (and some not so easy) problems to solve with python scripts.
  • Get better at networking.

Incomplete goals:

  • Increase my monthly blog post rate to at least 3 blog posts per month.
    • Total written in 2012: 16  (average of 1.3 per month)
  • Branch into iOS development (iPhone and/or iPad). Create and publish at least 3 apps.
    • While I did work through a number of tutorials, and even started in on my first app, it is no where near publishable right now.
  • Learn the following databases: MongoDB, Neo4j, Casandra
    • I read a few tutorials on MongoDB, but didn’t actually implement a database, so I don’t think that really counts.  Nothing happened with Neo4j or Cassandra.
  • Learn some new python packages: NumPy, SciPy.

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