Goals for 2013

I never really got New Year’s resolutions, it always seemed kind of arbitrary to me.  However, I am appreciating more the periodic reviewing/setting of goals for one’s self.  Time to learn from the past.  How about it 2013?


  • Write at least 2 blog posts a month.  24+ for the year.
  • Attend at least 1 tech conference or a meetup in Chicago-land.
  • Submit 1 iOS app to the app store.
  • Expand on existing web apps, possibly launch 1 or more of them.
  • Start a hacker/coffee coder’s meetup in Champaign-Urbana.  This city needs more venues for programmers to meet programmers, for the love of craft.
  • Learn Postgress & MongoDB; integrate one or both into my web apps.


  • Run a half marathon in under 2:00.
  • Better manage my productivity and (mental) energy levels when would otherwise fall into the burnout pit of despair.
  • Better manage my personal relationships, especially during aforementioned times of burnout.
  • Read (& finish) at least 8 books this year.
  • Get back into Genealogy.

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