Learning WordPress, According to My Bookmarks

Learning PHP at Pixo was a lead into my initial projects: building custom WordPress themes.  My first project was a child theme and my second was a ‘from scratch’ theme.  I had two awesome mentors through this process and I can’t thank them enough.  From there, I continued supporting and enhancing sites for a number of clients.  What follows is a bit of a brain dump of notes and useful links I had bookmarked since I began working in WordPress.

One thing that really gets to me when learning a new framework/platform is that the official documentation is of poor quality in terms of content, organization, etc.  WordPress does not suffer this problem.  Most times when I go to the wordpress codex, I can find exactly what I’m looking for.  This really helps soften the learning curve.  At any rate, these are some of the better and/or more interesting links I’ve found.


  • I have the template hierarchy overview page bookmarked and refer to it frequently.
  • Template tags design pattern – a useful pattern, though I would take it one step further and break these all out into their own file to include in functions.php.  Otherwise, functions.php can get incredibly large and difficult to manage.
  • is_page_template() – Are you on a specific page template?

Building menus:


Categories & Taxonomies

Custom post types and taxonomies

Other “advanced” features



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