Listening List 2015

Over the past few months, I have done some house cleaning on the podcasts I listen to and the blogs I regularly read.  Taking stock of one’s inputs is good to do now and then, and I figured it would be nice to capture this and share. Here are mine:


Shop Talk Show

A great show about a wide range of web topics.  Never a dull moment with the Dave-o-Tron soundboard of 1000 effects.  Their interviews are well executed and the rapid fire episodes really pack in the knowledge.  Recommended episodes:

Code Pen Radio

Gets into the nuts and bolts about how has been built, covering both technical and business topics.  I started listening a few months back as they were covering their redesign with Sparkbox and liked it so much that I’m starting from the beginning.  Some of my favorite episodes:

It’s All Journalism

The interview of Dan Newman and Tejas Mistry about NPR one was my gateway into this podcast, and man was I hooked.  I find it to have an interesting range of thought provoking topics and discussions from the tech supporting modern journalism, to the people producing (and checking) the news.  Now that I’m in the world of Journalism and Media education, this podcast has been very helpful in broadening my awareness of these topics.  Interesting episodes:

Support Ops

Customer support has been a part of every job I’ve had over the last 10 years.  It’s easy to forget how to deal with people when you’re pushing code all day, and I find this podcast is a nice way to keep a toe in the support waters.  Some interesting episodes:

Responsive Web Design

Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcott interview the people who make responsive designs happen.  After a while, the episodes tend to sound very similar, but the ones that stand out really stand out.

Security Now

This is the most recent addition to my list.  At 2 hours a piece, these episodes can be a slog to listen through, but they cover all kinds of internet security topics ranging from deep dives into security bugs to interviews of people providing security products on the internet.

From Python Import Podcast

This podcast went silent a while ago, but there are a few good episodes I highly recommend listening to:


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