Learning WordPress Multisite

Over the last several months, I’ve been gaining experience with WordPress’ Multisite setup.  This post is a bit of a brain dump of things I’ve found or learned along the way.

Multisite 101 – This is a great primer e-book on the subject.  I highly recommend it.

Adapting a plugin to multisite (stackoverflow) – This is a good run down of some programmatic considerations you might need to make.

Remove “/category/” from your url base.  I would never have guessed the solution presented here.  However, I ran into pagination problems using this in combination with removing the default “/blog” slug on my root site.  In the end, this plugin fixed the issue which I found via this wordpress.org support thread.

Enable a theme for just one site (blog post) – Sometimes, it’s just helpful to see how its done.

Active plugins on multisite – I found this plugin helpful for getting an overview of all plugins within the network.  However, at the time of this writing, the plugin appears unmaintained.  I ended up forking it to fix a few issues that were reported through the support forums.  Here is the git repo of my fork for those interested.

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