Readings on Security

I was doing a number of security code audits over the last few months, and in that time, a number of interesting and in depth articles crossed my media feeds.  Here’s a quick reading list rundown for the security minded.

SQL Injection Cheat Sheet.  There is a lot of good technical detail here, much more than I previously knew.  If you’ve never tried testing for vulnerabilities, this is a must read.

Big List of Naughty Strings – Dove tailing off that last one, this git repository is like it says.  Useful for testers and developers alike.

10up Best PHP Security Practices – Contains some WordPress specific examples.  This one is a good introduction for developers if you haven’t been programing with security in mind.

Basics of Web Application Security – a long read, but a good one.  The authors explain the principles of how to protect your application from malicious inputs and outputs.

Finally, I can’t post a list of security articles without recommending the Security Now podcast.  They cover a wide range of security topics from breaking down security vulnerabilities to security & crypto issues in the news.   This podcast is worth checking out.


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