Hello!  I am a Web/WordPress developer currently living in Bloomington, IN. My work experience includes full stack development, from building & styling HTML with CSS and SASS to building interactive web apps with JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS – from building custom WordPress themes and Symfony systems to troubleshooting the databases underneath.  In my free time, I program in Python/Django, and keep up with the ever changing field of options the software industry has to offer.   My other interests presently include, but are not limited to: HTML5/CSS3, web accessibility branching out to Linux/Ubuntu, non-relational database alternatives, and enhancing my working knowledge of Django.

This is my technical blog and is intended to be an outlet for writing about my experiences as a software developer, be a platform to explore & reflect on what I’m learning, and to share some knowledge along the way.

Here are some other places where I can be found on the internet: