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Readings on Security

I was doing a number of security code audits over the last few months, and in that time, a number of interesting and in depth articles crossed my media feeds.  Here’s a quick reading list rundown for the security minded. Continue reading


Basic Style Guides in WordPress

I have built or maintained a number of custom WordPress themes over the last few years and I’m big on making testing/validation as easy as possible.  I’ve had some experience with unit testing through my Symfony and Python work and I wanted to do the same with WordPress.  However, testing the look and feel of a website doesn’t easily fall within the scope of unit tests. When I first heard people talking about style guides, it felt like an intriguing and natural solution to this problem… But how to make use of it?

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Learning WordPress, According to My Bookmarks

Learning PHP at Pixo was a lead into my initial projects: building custom WordPress themes.  My first project was a child theme and my second was a ‘from scratch’ theme.  I had two awesome mentors through this process and I can’t thank them enough.  From there, I continued supporting and enhancing sites for a number of clients.  What follows is a bit of a brain dump of notes and useful links I had bookmarked since I began working in WordPress.

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