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Goals: Looking back on 2014 and ahead to 2015

I know this post is a bit late… ok, really late.  2014 proved to be a very full and active year, marked by the arrival of our new daughter mid summer.


My daughter passed out with mama after a busy day at the farmer’s market.  It’s as if the Chinese fortune cookie knew.


Checking out the river walk in San Antonio.


Happy Halloween from an inquisitive little bee.

I never fully appreciated how much one’s schedule will change when a child is thrown into the mix, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Ok, down to the business at hand.

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Looking Back on 2013

The time has come to look back on another year.  2013 was exciting for me as I started my new job as a web developer at a local web consulting company Pixo, and boy was I ready for it.  There were a lot of exciting new things to learn, but one thing I know I didn’t do was to stop and re-evaluate my goals I set at the start of the year.  That said, there is no time like the new year to look back for a little self-review…

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A lesson in practicality

“Although practicality beats purity.”

– from the Zen of Python

What started off as a step toward alleviating excessive journaling of temporary data structures in our system, ended up exposing a handful of cases where they were actually used for persistent data.  When we made the switch within our data base environments to turn off journaling on this set, some of these data structures disappeared unexpectedly. Once we realized what had happened, the only course of action was to search the code base for these data structures, restore their data, and rename them so they would be permanent memory again. Continue reading

Book review: Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte

My own thoughts…

As a person diving back into the web world, I found this book an incredibly helpful and invigorating read. The examples in the book are intuitive, easily conveyed, and reinforced; but they do require some prior knowledge of HTML/CSS.  From a technical perspective, Ethan focuses on 2 main ideas: relative/flexible sizing of a page’s physical layout and media queries to define different behaviors within different (width specific) contexts.  When I finished the book, I was excited not only at the prospect of rereading it, but also about reading many of the articles he references and to hack on my own learning projects for some hands on experience.  I cannot remember the last time I read a programming book with that much interest. Continue reading

Reflection on Prioritization and Productivity

These past two months for me have seen a number of unexpected events. Between the passing of two family members and an overwhelming workload, there have been many challenges to productivity. I begrudgingly let a number of things slide (blogging and learning projects included).  I decided to step back and evaluate how I’m doing with my prioritizing and my follow through. This time around, I thought I would do it in a more open forum.

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