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PyOhio 2012

Last month, I had the great fortune to attend my very first conference: PyOhio. There were many great talks and opportunities to meet interesting people. What follows are some personal notes I took during the conference. (It took awhile because the way I took notes was very incongruous with WordPress.  Lots of reformatting before editing. Lesson for next time friends.)

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Beyond the Django Tutorial

Originally when I wanted to get into web development, I was looking for a good Python framework to learn.  I’ve been following Django for a while, and have been impressed by the community that has sprung up around it.  After some major life changes, new found familiarity with CSS and HTML5, and the Django 1.4 release, I decided it was finally time to jump in.  These are some of the speed bumps I encountered while starting my first few projects beyond Django’s tutorial Poll app. Continue reading