Mac Development Environment

I didn’t do this before I switched jobs (and laptops), so no time like the present.  Here is a quick run down of my basic mac setup to help me with my software development work.

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Notes from UofI Web Con 2015

It’s spring here in Champaign-Urbana, which means it’s time for the Illini Marathon and WebCon.  I didn’t get to participate in the former this year (good thing too because a severe thunderstorm rolled through mid race), but I did go to WebCon.  Here are my (very) rough notes and take aways from the sessions I went to. Continue reading

Goals: Looking back on 2014 and ahead to 2015

I know this post is a bit late… ok, really late.  2014 proved to be a very full and active year, marked by the arrival of our new daughter mid summer.


My daughter passed out with mama after a busy day at the farmer’s market.  It’s as if the Chinese fortune cookie knew.


Checking out the river walk in San Antonio.


Happy Halloween from an inquisitive little bee.

I never fully appreciated how much one’s schedule will change when a child is thrown into the mix, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Ok, down to the business at hand.

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Making clickable table rows accessable

This particular issue came up for me at work.  The project in question uses AngularJS and bootstrap.  We had a table where the rows were already clickable and opened up a modal popup (id = #recordModal) to edit the record.  However, it was not accessible via the keyboard.

<table class="zebra record-list" cg-busy="'tracker'">
    <tr ng-repeat="record in list
            data-toggle="modal" data-target="#record-modal"
        <td>{{ record.field1 }}</td>
        <td>{{ record.fieldN }}</td>

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Learning WordPress

Learning PHP at Pixo was a lead into my initial projects: building custom WordPress themes.  My first project was a child theme and my second was a ‘from scratch’ theme.  I had two awesome mentors through this process and I can’t thank them enough.  What follows is a bit of a brain dump of notes and useful links I had bookmarked along the way.

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