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Notes from UofI Web Con 2015

It’s spring here in Champaign-Urbana, which means it’s time for the Illini Marathon and WebCon.  I didn’t get to participate in the former this year (good thing too because a severe thunderstorm rolled through mid race), but I did go to WebCon.  Here are my (very) rough notes and take aways from the sessions I went to. Continue reading

Gearing Up for PyOhio 2013

PyOhio is less than a week away and I’m extremely excited to be going again this year.  I had a wonderful time last year, met a number of interesting people, and learned a lot.  This year, I want to take full advantage of what it has to offer.  Some things I hope to get out of it this year include: networking with other community builders to learn how they built up their python communities (the community here in Champaign-Urbana is still small but growing), finding other web consulting companies to see how they use Python/Django (would love to bring back to Pixo), participating in sprints again, and whatever else might present itself.

Presentations I’m Interested In

To date, Django is the only Python framework I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  I’m curious to see what Kennith Reitz‘s has to say in his presentation Flasky Goodness because it never hurts to diversify your toolbox.  The other talk that looks fascinating on Saturday is APIs for Mobile Networks(Chris Ridenour).  I’m curious to hear about the challenges and solutions the presenters encountered when dropping from wifi into mobile network land.  Finally, the workshop by David Stanek and Mike Pirnat on Web Security & Django with its hands on approach to common security vulnerabilities looks like it has tons of value.

Another mobile centric talk I’m excited to see is Django Powered Mobile Apps by Tim Kuelhorn.  Additionally, I’d like to see My Adventures with Mock (Brad Montgomery) to take my testing skills to the next level.  Finally, I want to hit Python + Fuse (Zach Wick).


As of this writing, the only planned sprint is on Python Core.  I participated in this last year and had a great time.  However, I waited until the night of the sprint to get set up with everything I needed which seriously detracted from me being able to fully participate.  (Figuring out and installing dependencies, then downloading & compiling the code all over a very slow wifi connection… you get the idea).

If you plan to participate, I cannot stress and recommend enough the importance of getting set up beforehand.  The Python Developer’s Guide has a quick start section for getting everything you need.

sudo apt-get install mercurial
hg clone http://hg.python.org/cpython


PyOhio 2012

Last month, I had the great fortune to attend my very first conference: PyOhio. There were many great talks and opportunities to meet interesting people. What follows are some personal notes I took during the conference. (It took awhile because the way I took notes was very incongruous with WordPress.  Lots of reformatting before editing. Lesson for next time friends.)

Continue reading