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Readings on Security

I was doing a number of security code audits over the last few months, and in that time, a number of interesting and in depth articles crossed my media feeds.  Here’s a quick reading list rundown for the security minded. Continue reading

Debating tradeoffs

A few weeks ago, a we fielded a potential request to validate Social Security Numbers.  The social security administration has a few rules for numbers that they deem invalid and that they will never assign:

  1. The first three numbers are {000, 666, 900-999}
  2. The fourth & fifth numbers are 00
  3. The last four numbers are 0000

Being one for code reuse, I wanted to do this in as general a way as possible.  This was my initial solution (in Mumps/Cache): Continue reading

PyOhio 2012

Last month, I had the great fortune to attend my very first conference: PyOhio. There were many great talks and opportunities to meet interesting people. What follows are some personal notes I took during the conference. (It took awhile because the way I took notes was very incongruous with WordPress.  Lots of reformatting before editing. Lesson for next time friends.)

Continue reading

Book review: Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte

My own thoughts…

As a person diving back into the web world, I found this book an incredibly helpful and invigorating read. The examples in the book are intuitive, easily conveyed, and reinforced; but they do require some prior knowledge of HTML/CSS.  From a technical perspective, Ethan focuses on 2 main ideas: relative/flexible sizing of a page’s physical layout and media queries to define different behaviors within different (width specific) contexts.  When I finished the book, I was excited not only at the prospect of rereading it, but also about reading many of the articles he references and to hack on my own learning projects for some hands on experience.  I cannot remember the last time I read a programming book with that much interest. Continue reading